About Leah’s Life Coaching:


quoteBefore my work with Leah I felt stuck, confused and unsure of the way forward.
I found our sessions tremendously helpful, and my career has really taken off.
I haven’t seen anyone else with her energy, warmth and insightfulness.

I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch coach.”


quoteLeah has been fantastic to work with, helping me to achieve clarity and confidence during a period of considerable change in my life -enabling me to take the road that will lead to fulfilling my personal goals.


quoteDear Leah,

I want to thank you for so many things that it is difficult to know where to start.
I originally approached you in the hope of receiving some advice on very specific issues. What I ended up with was something completely different, something that I would not have dreamed of beforehand, something that changed the way I thought about almost every aspect of my life. I found myself daring to dream again, daring to take “risks”. My confidence has grown, the relationship with my friends and family has improved and I had the self-belief (and audacity) to apply for and obtain the job which I had dreamed of. My life has improved in so many innumerable ways (big and small). With your help, I have been able to redirect my life so that now it is proceeding along the route that had wished for, for a long time.

Thank you once again,



“Last year I was going through a very rough time. I didn’t know what direction my life was going in. Fortunately, I found Leah and she gave me the focus I needed. What started off as an incredibly horrible year turned out to be one of the most meaningful and productive of my life. Everything is going well for me now, from my career to my personal productivity. I’m very grateful to Leah for giving me the guidance and direction that I needed to seize control of my own fate.”


I am pleased to announce that my short-story – “Haven” – has been published! (www.fictionmagazines.com/shop/efiction-issues/efiction-vol-04-no-07/). I originally went to Leah Gniwesch for coaching in order to improve the time management skills that I needed to finish my thesis and obtain my Masters degree in Creative Writing. Not only did I finish my thesis and receive my MA, but the coaching also helped me to continue writing and submitting stories, which led me to this great milestone.

—Dani Stieglitz

About Leah’s Coaching Course:

quoteAfter many successful summers spent motivating and empowering today’s youth, I came to Leah’s coaching class with a hint of skepticism about how much I would really gain from the material. Looking back, I feel that I have discovered techniques and insights that have revolutionized my approach to mentoring as well as provoked me to rediscover myself and my strengths. To say that I would recommend the course is an understatement. With the material taught and the dynamics of the class itself, any participant can expect to gain new friends and colleagues, lasting positivity, and the tools to enhance an existing career or to the skills to start a new one.

—Ariel Fishman, class of 2008-2009

quoteI not only received excellent life-coach training and participated in a rich learning experience as a blossoming coach under supervision, I also increased my own self-awareness and discovered a journey of personal growth in the way I want my own clients to experience.”

—Rachel Berkowitz, class of 2010-2011

quoteLeah’s course helped me in my transition from psychologist to coach. Her passion, enthusiasm and energy inspired me to take on my first coaching clients and to help them to empower themselves to find their own personal solutions to their own problems. As a coach I now work with people around the world to set and reach goals and targets in a number of months, that they have been trying to reach for years or decades! I will always be grateful to Leah and the course for opening up this possibility for me.”

—Eli Shine, class of 2008-2009, Owner, Catalyst Coachingquote

Dr. Leah’s lifecoaching course is so awesome and complete because of her extensive background
and complete dedication to impacting positively people’s lives.”

—Simcha Gluck, Class of 2007

quoteLeah’s well-crafted course not only provided me with tools with which to extend
my clinical social work background, but also impacted my personal life in ways
I couldn’t have imagined at the outset. Each class and student provided much
opportunity for discovery, reflection, and growth.

—L.W., Class of 2007


About the NLP Course:

quoteNLP on the surface is Anchors, Visualizations, and other seemingly shallow techniques, but beneath this facade of superficiality, lies a goldmine of ideas and tools that will radically enhance your life outlook, your confidence, and your overall positive energy. The class is humorous yet informative, entertaining yet inspiring as the class itself is modelled after NLP technique. Whether or not you plan on becoming an NLP practitioner, this course may make the difference between being a success or becoming a legend in your own time.

—Ariel Fishman, class of 2008-2009